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2024 CTX: Fall Classic


2024 CTX: Fall Classic

Delaware Springs Golf Course

card 2024 CTX: Fall Classic


Saturday, Dec 16th, 2023

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Starts at 08:00 AM

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9:00 AM


Open to any golfer (male, female, junior) having a valid verifiable USGA HCP Index or any player with more than 10 scores uploaded and attested on TheGrint


18 holes Stroke Play

Individual strokeplay, flighted competition played by USGA rules. Players are flighted based on USGA HCP Index. 

Winners in the Champ/Albatross/Eagle/Birdie flights are determined by GROSS score. Winner in the Par flight is determined by NET. Overall Low Net for the event from the field will be recognoized if they win outright and are not a flight winner.

Seniors & Ladies are welcome to participate. Senior qualification is age 55+. Seniors will play one tee forward of their flight's assigned tees. Ladies will play from Ladies tees, except those that carry <8.0 USGA HCP Index and they will play from the next back set of tees from the Ladies' tees.

Juniors are also welcome. Winners are paid in gift cards and thus amatuer status is not impacted.

flights by handicap index

  • Champ: Up to 3.9
  • Albatross: 4.0 to 7.9
    • Eagle: 8.0 to 11.9
  • Birdie: 12.0 to 15.9
  • Par: 16.0 and above


  • Each flight's base payout is $15/player per flight, optional increase
  • One dozen premium Srixon golf balls to each flight winner ($50 value)
    • High quality commemorative trophy
  • Prizes to be paid in a combination of the following:
    • PGATSS Gift Cards
    • Event entry fee credits
    • Sponsor Prizes/Credits
  • ??
  • Reminder: $5/player goes towards the Race Payouts at the end of the season.

optional games

  • Flighted Skins Game - $20 buy in
  • Super Skins Game     - $10 buy in

  • Must be paid via VENMO prior to your first tee shot of the tournament.
    A QR code for payment will be sent to all registered players and will be on display at the check-in table the day of the event.

cancelation policy

  • All WD Requests must be made by sending the Tour Manager an email request. The timestamp of that email will serve as the number of days notice based from the date/time of the event being withdrawn from. All refunds will be made directly back to the credit card used to make the entry fee payment, less applicatble fees and penalties (listed below)! Please refer to the Tour's Rules & Handbook for further details. 

    Days      Withdrawal Penalty

    14+    -  $45 fee, paid balance credited back to CC# used
      8+    -  $60 fee, paid balance credited back to CC# used
    0-7     -  Forfeiture of all paid fees


  • Golf and Tournament Fees
  • Range Balls are NOT INCLUDED for this event (to aide in cost reduction for the field)
  • Golf Cart
  • From Srixon - The Official Ball Sponsor of TheGrint Tour CTX
    • One sleeve Srixon golf balls to first 24 registered players
  • From PGA Tour Superstore
    • $20 PGA Superstore Gift Card
    • Hole-in-One Jackpot ($1,000)
  • TheGrint Tour Cup Points (Tour Members)
  • Entry for assigned flight winners & payout Prizes

cup race pts

Based on Net Over Par
Augusta Cup Race Pts: Champ/Albatross Flights
Pebble Cup Race Pts: Eagle/Birdie/Par Flights
  • 1st Place = 150 Points
  • 2nd Place = 125 Points
  • 3rd Place = 115 Points
  • All Others = -10 Every Position
  • Min. for Participation = 20 Points

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