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Member Benefits

Member's Discount Price

Save $25+ per event


Even though the tour is open to all Golfers, Our tour members receive special discounts when they join an event.

Early Bird Spots

Save $20+ per event


Early bird spots are limited and are only available to tour members

Pricing for early bird registration is one more way to save money.

Welcome Kit

$50 Value!


Join the family and get a nice welcome kit to celebrate!

It's our way of saying thank you!

Referral Credits

$25 per referral


Receive $25 in credits for every friend that joins the tour!

Credits are added to your account everytime a friend adds your name in the referral box during the registration process.

TheGrint Pro Membership

$49.99 Value


The Pro Membership is included with your Tour Membership. It features multiple tools for improving your performance.

Download TheGrint app to get access!

Event Winner Credits

Win $25+ in Credits per Event $50 Value!


Tour Members receive credits for future events with tournament win.

Credits can range anywhere from $25 to $200.

Play in any city


Your membership lets you play any event nationwide or internationally.

Earn tour points anywhere and bring them to your own tour.

The Year Long Race


Compete just like in the PGA! Each tour will feature 2 races. Become the local tour champion and qualify for the National Championship.

Placements are based on handicap index.